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What I've been up to

What I've been up to

Hey guys! Hope you had a good week so far. Today is FriYAY, and I am excited to dive in the weekend. I need some rest haha - and I need some time to get more work done (content creation!!!). I haven’t wrote it in a while, it’s been a month, to be exact. I’ve missed you! My start to the year was hellah hectic. I have been working 60+ hours per week, trying to figure out what I want to do with my life, I started working out, I had events, I’ve been seeing old friends, etc etc. We are all busy, right? January was not a relaxing month.

Today, I am sharing with you, through pictures, what I have been up to. Hope you are all going to rest a little this weekend. Love you! xx

  1. Yes! I’ve started working out about 3 times per week. I am going to this new spinning gym located in the heart of Old Montreal named SPINCO. I have been loving my workouts there. I met so many nice people and I’ve been going with friends too. Guys… I think I’ve found MY sport! And I’m proud of myself.

  2. My lovely kitty, growing up… always! Meet Sushi, the ginger cat. I love cuddling with her!

  3. The discovery of a new cream for dry skin created by Bio Oil. It’s smells good, it makes your skin really soft and it’s perfect for the winter time. Your skin will thank you!

  4. Coffee date with my boyfriend.

  1. The view from my hotel room at Hôtel Monville. I was there for a staycation with Bio Oil.

  2. Waking up in a hotel bed in my La Vie en Rose new favourite pj’s!

  3. A quick visit at the L’Oréal offices located in downtown Montréal. I met a dermatologist from La Roche Posay and we discussed about my skin and eventual collaborations. Fun fun!

  4. Self-care time. Getting at mani at The Ten Spot.

  1. Korean food date! There’s this new korean restaurant five minutes walk from my place and I’m always craving their ramen and bibimpab!

  2. The Spinco room, right before getting started. 7 am.

  3. At Hôtel Monville.

  4. Old Montreal at 6:45 am. Making my way to the Spinco gym.

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