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3 beauty products I've been loving

3 beauty products I've been loving

Hey friends!

Wanted to share with you today three beauty products I have been loving in the past few months. I have been using these three on a regular basis and they have been an awesome addition to my skincare/body routine. Here we go!

Caudalie Thé des Vignes Fresh Fragrance

46$ for 50 mL

If you see me in the streets and wondering what scent I am wearing, it will for sure be this one. I am in love with Caudalie’s Thé des Vignes scent since now 2 months. It’s Caudalie’s newest signature scent: a bright and sparkling fragrance that captures the aroma of vineyard roses in the early morning, blended with notes of grapevine branches.

I have been using it every single day, right before leaving the house. (Now literally can't stop sniffing my wrists). It’s a very fresh, youthful and feminine rose scent. It’s not an oppressive scent at all, it’s simply very light and lovely. They recently launched their shower gel and body oil with the exact same scent, and I have been adding these two to my morning routines. I highly recommend that you go to a Caudalie store or any drugstore that have this brand and take a look at their products (and smell it).


Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil

58$ for 30mL

This purifying face oil made from 100% pure plant extracts was made for oily or combination skin types. It’s a very unique combination made of Rosewood, Geranium, and lotus. I don’t have oily skin all year round (mostly in the summer) but I like using this oil every month of the year under my moisturizer.

It’s perfect to help restore the balance of the skin. Its natural astringent effect works wonder in skin refinement and improve skins overall texture, for real! I apply it all over my face right after cleansing it and I feel like it hydrates it while working deeply to balance the oil. Also, the formula is amazing as its non-staining and safe against the fabric. Did you know that lotus oil is also a very good anti-aging oil? Works perfectly for everyone!


Fresh Rose Face Mask

75$ for 100mL

I’ve been using this very calming face mask for a while now and I absolutely love it. I chose this mask at Sephora because I heard so many positive things about it. Right when I bought it and started applying it on my face, it suddenly felt like it saved my tired dry skin immediately. I apply it generously one to two times per week right after washing my face at night. It is a good face mask for normal skin, oily skin, dry and sensitive skin. Pretty much for everyone that needs a good hydration boost.

It’s a very good solution for redness, dryness, dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven textured skin. The scent of the product is very fresh and calming. It’s mostly made with pure rose water, cucumber extract and aloe vera gel. You will for sure now have a more hydrated skin as well as having a very radiant glow.


Talk to you soon, xx


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