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BOPIED: my two staples boots for this season

BOPIED: my two staples boots for this season

One of the main reasons that I love Winter time is because it is so pretty outside. With all the snow falling and the kids so full of joy, this season makes me really happy. The only thing that I’m not a fan of, is the Winter fashion. I used to think it was so complicated to look fashionable in the winter time, as well as being well protected from the cold weather outside.

Today, I wanted to share with you my new go-to boutique where I can find amazing trendy boots. This place is called BOPIED. Founded in 1975 by Madam Nicole Rivest and Mr. Pierre Rivest. It is a family own business and they have about 18 stores all around the province of Quebec. Their goal have been and will always be to offer people trendy and high quality shoes at a reasonable price point. I love how nice their selection is and every year, they keep following the seasonal trends.

From boots, to sandals, to handbags, they have everything. They have a lot high quality brands like Birkenstock, Cougar, Ecco, Olang, Pajar, Sorel and Steve Madden. Aside from that, they also have their own in house brand called APROPO, which is honestly my favourite. Today, I decided to share with you my two favourite items from their in house brand.

#1 APROPO Ruth

You can never go wrong with a black leather pointed toe boot. This pair in particular is the perfect one to match every single outfit that you’re going to wear this season. It’s very lightweight, high quality and minimalist. The heel is the perfect height to give you that chic look. They are very comfortable; I honestly wear them all day long and my feet are really happy in these. Click here to shop.

#2 APROPO Beckie

If you’re looking for a still-very-cute-but-unique kinda boots, here are the ones you need. I have to admit that these boots aren’t the one that I would usually go for, but you know what? I wanted to try something different this year. Still black, this one has a lot of details on it. I’m in love with the buckles and the shiny leather: I think it’s a really outgoing and winning combo! As well at the Ruth boots, these ones are extremely comfortable. I have to say, I am in love with them and I am so happy I decided to chose these unique shoes. These ones go with any outfit too! Click here to shop.

Click here to shop on BOPIED website.

And you, what’s your go-to boot this season?



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